Best Shared Hosting Company

Finding the best web hosting provider is essential for a business to become successful online. Web hosting companies provide not only a domain and server for a website, they also include tight security and excellent uptime services so that a business will be able to get more customers and expand. When it comes to security, a web hosting provider should be able to give their clients specific software so that their website is secure. However, some web hosts have either limited plans to choose from and they are rather expensive for a business that just started. Some web hosts are not even updated to the latest interfaces. It really depends on the web hosting company that a business-owner will choose.

In order to find the best-shared hosting provider, one would have to consider the following factors:

  • Security
  • Storage Capacity
  • Server Uptime

siteground hosting review

What is the best shared hosting company?

Siteground is an excellent web hosting provider that has a reputation of giving a secure and reliable web hosting service. They have all the essential features that a great web hosting company should have. They have tight security through their multiple security software such as CloudFare and SiteCheck. They also have data centers at their disposal to make sure that there is little to no downtime. And last but definitely not the least, they are known for their quality customer care. They make sure that each of the client’s needs is met for complete customer satisfaction.

Siteground is a web hosting provider that offers great deals through their plans and packages. Customers are able to choose what plan they want to depend on their needs, preference, and budget. The following are some of the plans that this web hosting provider offers:

  • Linux-Based Startup Plan

    • The Linux-Based Startup Plan includes unlimited emails, a 10GB storage capacity, web performance support, and guaranteed ten thousand monthly visitors. Obviously, it includes the website as well as software that protects it such as CloudFare. This plan is specifically for beginners and for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Growing Big Plan

    • For those who are expanding their business online, the Growing Big Plan is the perfect choice because of their storage capacity of 20GB and about twenty-five thousand monthly visitors. Another feature that this plan has is its one-year free SSL certificate.
  • GoGeek Plan

    • With its unlimited monthly visitor capacity, 30GB of storage and multiple websites is perfect for those who are planning on having the website as the main income of the business. Each visitor gains revenue, which is why the unlimited capacity is important.

As the best-shared hosting provider, Siteground is the web hosting provider to work with for a smooth and successful business online. For more information about Siteground and their available plans, check out the detailed review of the web hosting company at Siteground web hosting reviews provides posts about web hosting services and comparisons with different web hosting providers. They will help guide business owners in finding the best-shared web hosting provider.