ASRock G41C-GS Motherboard Review

ASRock, being one of the oldest motherboard developers dated back in 2002, still produces budget-friendly yet powerful motherboards to date. Though their releases weren’t as competitive as other brands such as Intel, they offer users with decent motherboard that can stand the test of time. Considering their work, we’ve got this beautiful ASRock G41C-GS Motherboard to check in, and here is what we think about it.

Overview of ASRock G41C-GS Gaming Motherboard

ASRock is definitely worth having, whether you are a gamer or a casual player. This is because their high-performance motherboard, or what we call mobo, is really made to keep working in extreme conditions. This motherboard is quite noticeable as it runs on Intel G41 chipset. With this, the motherboard is only compatible with later parts. Thus, this may not be the best motherboard choice for passionate gamers. However, what really surprises us is it being sold out on the market in no time. Of course, you might ask who would even buy a product which will naturally limit you with its specifications. Let’s dig deeper as to what makes this a hit to a lot of buyers. Obviously, it’s been a preferred motherboard of all time as one customer will not have to pay for extra bucks or buy a new one as this is DDR2 and DDR3 ready. Thanks to this, a user who decided to upgrade to DDR3 will not experience any frustration with this.

Another notable feature of this is its audio component. Installed in ASRock G41C-GS is a decent 5.1 Channel VIA VT1705 sound processor, somewhat like the usual surround sound systems. This type of audio is enough for common usage, however, gamers may have the option to purchase a 3rd party sound card for an HD quality sound like most of the gamers.

Aside from these, the following are also evident in their specification sheet:

  • PCI SLOTS: PCI-EX16, PCI-EX1, and 2 PCI 32 bit
  • Storage: 4SATAII 3GB/S + Support 2 IDE 1 ATA100
  • Lan Speed: PCIE Gigabit LanRealtek
  • Available ports: 4x USB2.0; 1x VGA Port; 1x RJ45, and 1x Serial Port

However, to complete the review, here are a few of our observations grouped as cons and pros of the product.


  • Like most of the ASRock products, this one is very easy to install and set-up
  • The expansion slot for DDR3 and the available slot for DDR2 is perfect for those who’ll be expanding their computer without hassle
  • Does what it says on the box
  • Reasonably priced; you get what you pay for
  • For those running in later parts, this is a perfect motherboard


  • 2 DIMM slots available for RAM, clearly less than other mobos on the market
  • Positioning of the video card slot is a confined position, thus higher chance of overheating
  • The layout of the fan at the rear tends to block airflow, possible cause for overheated board

What do we think about ASRock G41C-GS?

ASRock G41C-GS may not be the very high-end mobo on the market, but it is still worth a try, especially if you’re running on lower versions and are not planning for an upgrade. This board is decent, except if you’re a seasoned gamer. Most probably, its good design and features make it a hit with a mid-range computer.